Day 24- College

I began my 2nd class for my masters program last week. Today, as I am looking at the assignments due by Sunday, I have noticed this class is a bit more challenging than my first one. I am not sure if the professor is just more strict, or the content is more intense. Our professor wants us to write a 10 paragraph essay, citing multiple sources throughout. That is not the problem, the problem is how many points it is worth. You would think at least 10-15 points for this long assignment, wrong! This assignment is only 5 points. 10 paragraphs, sources included, for only 5 points.????

Part of me thinks that I should just skip the assignment because that is easier than trying to finish the assignment in time for only 5 points. On top of that, she assigned a critical analysis paper as well, it is week 2, she needs to slow down a bit! I am hoping the workload gets a bit easier as the weeks go on, but I am lacking motivation to get this lengthy assignment done! 

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